How Can I See My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Him Knowing for Free?

Suppose your boyfriend is spending a lot more time texting on his phone than usual and having no justifiable reasons for the long periods he’s away from you. You might have cause to feel iffy about his commitment to the relationship. Thoughts might creep in that he’s seeing someone else and cheating on you, but it’s not easy to tell for sure.

For one, boyfriends who cheat would often go to great lengths to cover their tracks, and if yours is one of them, you might have to dig deeper to find out the truth. You don’t have to live in uncertainty about your relationship, not when an application could help you know how to see who he’s texting for free.

If you’ve been searching for phrases like “How can I see who my boyfriend is texting?” below are detailed guidelines on discovering what your boyfriend’s been up to, using an application that can sniff through his phone for texts, calls, and social network messages. You’d also learn about its benefits and alternatives you could use as well.

How Can I Read My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Touching His iPhone?

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You don’t have to wonder, “How can I read my boyfriend’s text message without touching his phone” for long; you wouldn’t even need him (or his iPhone) to be around.

mSpy is one such software that lets you spy on devices remotely and gives you access to your boyfriend’s phone. It offers a wide array of spying features, allowing you to log into his calls, texts, and social messages. If you’re concerned about how to find out who your boyfriend is texting and calling for free, you can consider some of the highlighted features of the software below.

Remote Access

Gain complete access to your boyfriend’s phone, regardless of his location. mSpy relies on an Internet connection, which means you get to log in to the application from anywhere in the world.


You won’t have to worry about the software geeking you out as it’s fundamentally “plug and play.” The search algorithms check your boyfriend’s text messages in the background once you go through the intuitive registration process, and you don’t need any prior technical knowledge.

Safe and Secure

mSpy embeds itself in the device, so you don’t have to worry about your boyfriend quickly noticing. On the other hand, you can specify a login detail for the mSpy app on your phone so that no one breaches the software when you’re not around.

Features of mSpy for iPhone Spying

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If you consider mSpy for your spying needs, here is a snapshot of the main features mSpy has to offer:

  • Text Tracking: “How can I get my boyfriend’s messages sent to my phone?” you ask. mSpy allows you to see through texts and actively track outgoing and incoming messages.
  • Call Tracking: If you fancy methods on how to get your boyfriend’s text messages sent to your iPhone for free, mSpy’s call tracking feature would tickle you as well. It enables you to monitor calls as they go out and come into your boyfriend’s phone.
  • Contact & Calendar Entries: Do you want to gain control over your boyfriend’s calendar connections? mSpy can trawl contact information from his iPhone to your device. What’s more? You also get to monitor contact-related calendar schedules as the info gets delivered to your dashboard.
  • Social App Tracking: The software passes through into most social network accounts — handy if your boyfriend has a secret Instagram or Twitter account. It would log into messages, contacts, and profiles from virtually all connected social apps.
  • Keyword Alerts: For grainier, more context-based searches through your boyfriend’s device, mSpy allows you to set keywords alerts and receive notifications when he uses them. The software parses through all connected data points once your boyfriend inputs the trigger word. That way, you get the precise location, time, and context with which he uses the term.

Steps on How to Get Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without His Phone

Below are the detailed instructions on installing mSpy on your device and remotely connecting to your boyfriend’s phone to see his text messages without his phone.

Step 1. Visit the official mSpy website to choose a subscription plan; complete an order form for your choice and make the payment.

Step 2. Go through your email for a confirmation mail and installation links.

Step 3. Download and install the app on your phone. Input your login details to view your personal Control Panel.

Step 4. Input the iCloud account info of your boyfriend’s iPhone within the Control Panel. mSpy begins a synchronization process to link both iOS devices. However, you may need to get quick access to his iPhone for 2-step authentication.

Step 5. The sync is complete, and you can start viewing your boyfriend’s messages and calls on your Control Panel without access to his phone.

How Can I Read My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Touching His Android Phone?

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mSpy also supports the Android operating system, which means you could still play the detective regardless of what Android device he uses. You always get the comprehensive call and text tracking, and you wouldn’t need to be around his phone to access his messages physically.

Absolutely Hidden Solution

The main benefit of the mSpy software is that it runs in the background, away from the target’s sight. It operates from deep in the phone’s recesses, and there won’t be traces — app icon or cache — to give him an idea.

Suitable for Non-Tech-Savvy People

People who simply want an answer to “how can I find out who my boyfriend is texting for free” without going through several tech hoops will find that this software is ideal. Even the most demanding aspect of setting up the application on Android devices takes a few minutes.

Keeps Data Confidential

You wouldn’t have to worry about data leaks and unauthorized entries into your dashboard. The two-factor authentication gives you the software’s complete control on your boyfriend’s Android phone.

Features of mSpy for Android Spying

If your boyfriend’s phone runs on Android, you can also enjoy a vast array of features mSpy offers.

  • Text Message Monitoring: You could use mSpy for Android to monitor text messages on your boyfriend’s phone in real-time. Together with its sender’s details and time, the texts would show up in your control center. If you are particular about the question “how to read my boyfriend’s text messages online,” you can access the texts from anywhere with a browser and a good Internet connection.
  • Website Tracking: A handy feature if you suspect your boyfriend has an Instagram (or a dating site) tab open in his browser. It allows you to check through the sites he visits and pages he has bookmarked. That’s not all: you can also block access to websites or specific keywords.
  • App Access: mSpy also gives you options to view the app lists on your boyfriend’s android phone. You get to see installed apps on your control center and set restrictions from your device. 
  • Email Tracking: Do you want to see what goes on in your boyfriend’s email box as well? mSpy gives you the feature to view inboxes in mail clients such as Gmail and Apple Mail. Incoming mails and sender details would show up on your dashboard, including replies and attachments.

Steps to Get My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without His Phone

The following are steps you can take to access your boyfriend’s text messages remotely: 

Step 1. Go to the official mSpy site to select your preferred payment package. The application would require you to fill out an application form for your order.

Step 2. Select a payment option and complete the purchase. mSpy would send a confirmation email together with login data for the control center.

Step 3. Click on the email link to log into your control dashboard and begin the installation process.

Step 4. Download and install the Android version of mSpy. Bear in mind that the software requires that you root your device to access its premium features. The rooting process takes a few minutes, but the customer support is willing to help you out if you run into an issue.

Other Solutions to Read Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages

If you are not comfortable using mSpy, there are other solutions you may opt for. However, note that most of them are not as effective as mSpy.

Option 1: Seek Consent

Spying on a partner — or anyone for that matter — is a bit controversial. It is a legal endeavor only to the extent to which you receive consent from the other party. Seeking permission before embedding a spy app to your boyfriend’s device is an option you could consider.

Option 2: Contact His Network Provider

Another alternative you could explore is to contact your boyfriend’s network provider. It is a more convenient way to get call logs and text instead of going through the stress of doing the spy work yourself. Do note that network providers would protect customer data, so they might need to check with your boyfriend.

Option 3: Hire a Private Investigator 

If the situation warrants it, you could hire a private investigator. It’s arguably the most lawful way to spy on a suspicious boyfriend. You get to comprehensively investigate his movements and find out who he’s been around.

What to Do After You Caught Your Boyfriend Cheating?

Finding out about your cheating partner can be devastating. However, the fact that you get closure on your suspicion offers some consolation. Amid the disappointment, here are practical things you can do after the unfortunate discovery:

Keep Calm

The first thing you need after discovering your boyfriend is cheating is to keep a level head. It is imperative given how you’ll feel when you first hear the news (or catch them in the act). You’d need a calm countenance to get more information about the situation.

Let Off the Emotional Steam

Crying is cathartic as opposed to being a sign of weakness, so if you could sob it out — even just a little bit — you should.

Don’t Bash Yourself 

While the cheating partner might make it seem you have a part to play, you shouldn’t go down the road of trying to figure out where and how you made it all go wrong.


How Can I Read My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Touching His Phone Free?

Applications such as mSpy offer free trial versions of their software, allowing you text logging features for several days. It sufficiently answers your “how can I spy on my boyfriend’s phone without him knowing for free” question.

How Can I Get My Boyfriend’s Messages Sent to My Phone for Free?

mSpy is one of the most effective software to help you find out how to see who your boyfriend is texting for free. It pushes texts and social media messages to a central Control Panel on your device. It requires that you download the app and sync your boyfriend’s phone with his login details.

Can I See My Boyfriend’s Deleted Text Messages?

You would be hard-pressed to find applications that allow you to view deleted messages on your boyfriend’s device. However, you have a better chance at social media messages using spy apps.

Final Thoughts

Spying on your boyfriend’s phone with an app might not be suitable for the situation, so try out other alternatives we’ve recommended. 

However, if an app could work for your situation, and you seek to find out who your boyfriend is texting and calling for free, use a powerful app like mSpy to help you get his texts on your phone.

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