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How To Get Into Someones Snapchat Using the “My Eyes Only” Feature

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Social media, used by millions, brings significant benefits and challenges. Despite its positive impact, issues like cyberbullying and child sexual assaults, notably on Snapchat, are increasing. To counter these threats, users can consider monitoring accounts, especially parents safeguarding their children online and individuals investigating potential infidelity. Our guide focuses on how to remotely access and monitor key Snapchat features for safety and awareness. Let’s explore these methods.

What Is My Eyes Only Feature? 

Activating My Eyes Only is simple. Swipe up on the camera roll, go to Memories, then swipe left. For first-time use, hold a Snap, select My Eyes Only, and set a new passcode.

While this feature enhances privacy, it can be misused, such as by individuals hiding inappropriate content or kids sharing harmful material. Given these potential misuses, understanding how to access Snaps hidden by My Eyes Only can be crucial for staying informed, especially for parents or partners concerned about the content being concealed.

Changing Your My Eyes Only Password

It’s important to understand that Snapchat’s My Eyes Only feature does not offer password recovery. If you forget your password, accessing your saved Snaps and Stories becomes nearly impossible.

In case you forget your password, your only option is to reset the My Eyes Only folder. However, this action will result in the loss of all stored Snaps and Stories.

While losing content is a downside, a benefit is the increased security post-reset, as no one can retrieve or misuse your password. You have the flexibility to change your My Eyes Only password at any time. Simply go to the main My Eyes Only section, select “Change Password,” enter a new password or phrase, and confirm your choice.

Is It Legal To Hack Into Someone’s Snapchat?

Hacking into a Snapchat account may initially seem wrong, but there are valid reasons for doing so without committing a crime. It’s legal to monitor a Snapchat account with the user’s consent, often in employer-employee or spousal situations. Parents can also legally monitor their underage children’s Snapchat use, assuming responsibility for their online safety, without needing consent.

How to Log Get Someone’s Snapchat With Spying Apps?

If you’re looking to learn how to log into someone’s Snapchat account, starting can be challenging, especially avoiding the suspicion that comes with physical access to their smartphone.

To discreetly access someone’s Snapchat, using specialized spyware applications is a practical solution. These apps allow for covert monitoring without needing direct access to the target’s device. Here are three notable options to consider:


Eyezy is a comprehensive spy app designed to facilitate Snapchat hacking without requiring the target’s password. It supports various social media apps, including a specialized function for Snapchat that is effective even with the My Eyes Only feature activated.

Beyond Snapchat, Eyezy offers call and text tracking capabilities, with the collected data accessible via a web-based account from any location. This makes it a versatile tool for broader monitoring needs.

One of the key advantages of Eyezy is its compatibility with both Android and iPhone devices, a feature not universally available in all spy apps. This compatibility ensures you don’t have to be concerned about the type of device the target uses.

The installation process for Eyezy is user-friendly. It involves selecting and purchasing a membership plan, followed by installing the app and logging into your dedicated Control Panel.

For any assistance required during the process, Eyezy provides 24/7 customer support, ensuring users have help available whenever needed.


For effective monitoring of a sophisticated platform like Snapchat, a robust spyware like mSpy is essential. mSpy boasts advanced tracking capabilities, enabling comprehensive infiltration of Snapchat. This allows you to seamlessly view both multimedia and text messages sent and received on the target’s phone.

Significantly, mSpy has the capability to access and remotely transmit data from Snapchat’s secure My Eyes Only folder to your dashboard, all without alerting the target of any unusual activity.

Compatible with most modern smartphones, mSpy offers various subscription plans tailored to different budgets. An mSpy subscription also includes premium features for call, text, and location tracking, enhancing your ability to conduct a thorough investigation of the targeted Snapchat account.

It’s important to note, however, that accessing some of the more advanced features of mSpy may require jailbreaking or rooting the target device.


With Spyic, you can effectively monitor Snapchat activities, including the My Eyes Only feature. This versatility in monitoring makes it a suitable choice for various needs. Additionally, Spyic’s web-based nature is a significant advantage; it allows you to remotely access your monitoring dashboard from any web browser. This feature ensures convenience and ease of use, as you can keep track of the targeted Snapchat account from anywhere with internet access.

How to Hack Someone’s Snapchat Account With Keylogger 

Gaining access to someone’s Snapchat account can be simplified using a keylogger, a common feature in advanced spy apps like mSpy. Keyloggers record every keystroke on the target’s phone, including Snapchat messages. Once activated, they operate discreetly in the background. With mSpy, for example, each keystroke, including Snapchat login details, is recorded and accessible remotely via a web browser on the mSpy dashboard. Keep in mind, keyloggers capture text only, so other features may be needed for accessing visual content.

How to Get Someone’s Snapchat Password: Resetting Option

If the keylogger fails to get a Snapchat password, try the password reset method, which involves Snapchat’s recovery system and access to the target’s phone or email:

  1. Open Snapchat on the target’s phone; enter their username or email.
  2. Click “Forgot Password” to start recovery via email or phone.
  3. For phone recovery, enter the OTP on the recovery page.
  4. For email, use the link sent to reset the password.

This allows access to the account, but it’s effective only if the target doesn’t change the password again.

Find Someone’s Snapchat Password With Phishing

If direct access to a phone fails, phishing is an alternative for obtaining Snapchat details, but be cautious and aware of the legal implications.

Quick guide to Snapchat account phishing:

  1. Obtain a Snapchat login page code template from the internet.
  2. Upload this code to a free server.
  3. Send the server’s phishing page link to the target, disguised as an email recovery page.
  4. The page will mimic Snapchat’s login page. Once the target enters their details, you receive them.

This method can help log into Snapchat without logging out on another device but use it responsibly.

My Snapchat Account Is Hacked – What To Do?

Remember, the techniques to hack into Snapchat accounts can also be used against you. If you detect unauthorized access to your account, promptly change your login details. This may only be a temporary fix, as attackers with spyware on your phone can continue to breach your account. To counter this, check for and remove any spyware. If detection is difficult, a factory reset of your device might be necessary to eliminate hidden spy apps.

Final Thoughts

Snapchat is a social media platform that people use for various reasons — good, bad, and ugly. The negative aspects of the channel are becoming more significant, with perpetrators engaging nifty techniques to cover their tracks efficiently.

We’ve highlighted some of the best approaches you can take when trying to gain access to someone else’s account. Nevertheless, spy apps reign supreme as they ensure the hacking process runs smoothly and without detection.

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