Minspy Review

Minspy is an app that is designed to monitor all activity of a target cellphone. It is different from the average phone tracker in that it is not installed on the device you are tracking, but rather works in the cloud. This app is developed in such a way in which does not require physical access to the target phone, or root or jailbreak permissions (which is great news for tablet users). This is one of the few spy apps with this capability – making minspy one of the best cellphone trackers available.

Is Minspy Legit?

If you are doubting of the legitimacy of Minspy, you can take a look at their privacy policy. Minspy is legit since it is reliable, simple and fast. The makers of Minspy do not ask for credit card information when you purchase the full-version (which is quite hard to come by nowadays).

MinSpy: What is the catch?

Minspy is also great since there is no “catch” or hidden agenda behind this product. The service is reliable and efficient and does everything it says it does – which is to track and record text messages, GPS location details and so on.

How Does Minspy work?

Minspy collects all of the information from the target phone and is then analyzed by Minspy servers. This is why it is important to install Minspy on a rooted android device since the app is only compatible with such devices. The root kit is installed directly into the system partition which is what enables Minspy to run when there is no visible icon or spyware in the app menu.

Minspy Features: What Can It Do?

Minspy is not just an ordinary spyware, in fact it does so much more than you think possible. All of its features are listed in great detail on their official website.

Here is a summary of some of its top features:

  • View contacts;
  • Location tracking. View exact GPS location on a map using its highly accurate tracking system;
  • Every call is logged – incoming and outgoing calls are all recorded by Minspy;
  • Monitor their text messages;
  • View photos, videos and more.
  • View a live stream from the target phone’s camera. (Make sure to ask for permission first!)
  • Access browser history – save crucial information.

GPS Spy is an extension of Minspy that is added on as a bonus feature. Unlike most apps with GPS features, it is placed in the foreground so parents can manage applications easily without being forced out of other apps.

Tap on “Configure” if you want to track your kid’s location or see their pictures/ firsthand.


Minspy can be  downloaded from the app store for less than $3.

The good is that it is cheaper and works like a charm;  the bad is that is isn’t as advanced as some of its competitors. There is also more time needed to get used to the interface, which may be confusing at first glance.   

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