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Spyic Review 2024: Is the Spyic App Suits Your Needs?

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Are you concerned about your children’s online activities and the information they access? Enter Spyic, a leading spy app designed for effortless monitoring. In this detailed review, explore Spyic’s features and benefits. With its user-friendly interface, Spyic requires no special skills—simply install it on your child’s device to begin tracking their online activities. Enjoy peace of mind knowing Spyic operates discreetly, and if you ever need assistance, its customer support team is ready to help. Whether browsing, chatting, or gaming, Spyic keeps you informed. Is Spyic the right choice for you? Explore its features and decide.

Main Features

Spyic Monitoring Features

Spyic is a robust monitoring app catering to parents keen on overseeing their children’s activities or businesses needing to monitor employee productivity. Here’s an overview of its key features:

  1. Dashboard: Centralized view of collected data including location, calls, texts, and social media activity.
  2. Non-root functions: Operates without device rooting, ensuring device safety.
  3. Reporting and analytics: Detailed reports encompassing calls, texts, social media, and emails.
  4. SMS monitoring: Access to sent, received, and even deleted text messages.
  5. Gmail monitoring: Monitor all email correspondence.
  6. Contact monitoring: View contacts and associated details.
  7. Internet History: Track websites visited.
  8. Calendar: Monitor upcoming events.
  9. Social network and instant message monitoring: Access WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.
  10. App Monitoring: List installed apps and usage frequency.
  11. Location tracking: Utilize GPS for real-time tracking and geo-fencing alerts.
  12. Multimedia access: View stored photos and videos.
  13. Recording functions: Record phone calls and ambient audio.
  14. Remote management: Monitor device activity in real-time and control features remotely.
  15. Alerts: Set up alerts for specific keywords or activities.
  16. Watch lists: Monitor specific people or numbers closely.
  17. Additional functions: Scheduled reports, screenshots, and more.

With Spyic’s extensive features and user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly monitor your child’s online activities and whereabouts. Give Spyic a try to ensure your child’s safety and peace of mind!


Compatibility is crucial for monitoring tools like Spyic. Fortunately, Spyic operates on both iOS and Android devices, ensuring broad coverage. However, it lacks support for desktop platforms like Windows or Mac, unlike some other spy software such as FlexiSpy.

Installation and Setup

The setup process doesn’t require any jailbreaking or rooting for iOS or Android devices respectively.

Spyic Installation and Setup

Once the app is installed, create an account by providing basic information like your email and password. Spyic will then send a verification email. After confirming your account, you can log in and start using the app.

What does Spyic Cost?

The Spyic spy software is not free but highly affordable. Prices vary based on subscription length and the number of devices to monitor. For instance, a one-month plan for one device costs $49.99, while a three-device plan is $69.99. Longer subscriptions are also available: $119.97 for three months or $359.96 annually. Additionally, a family plan allows monitoring up to five devices, starting at $84.99 per month. While Spyic lacks a free trial, it offers a one-time payment option, beneficial for long-term users.


Overall, Spyic offers impressive features at an affordable price, making it a good option for basic spy software needs. However, for more advanced features, consider parental control apps like mSpy, FlexiSpy, and XNSpy, which offer free trials and additional functionalities. Spyic is suitable for those seeking a straightforward and budget-friendly spy app. So, if you prioritize affordability and ease of use, Spyic is worth considering.

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