Top 5 Apps to Catch a Cheater in 2023: Reviewed & Tested

You may have cause to suspect that your spouse is cheating on you. Unfortunately, the clues are uncomfortably beginning to add up in the relationship, from the late-night calls to the unexplained trips leaving you behind. 

But where to go from there? First, you’d need to get evidence that they are cheating, so you could take the next logical step. Also, statistics show that cheaters can be devious regardless of gender, so your investigation methods have to be comprehensive.

Thankfully, there are downloadable spy apps available to do the snooping for you, and you can find some excellent options that answer the question: “What are the 5 best apps to catch a cheater right now?” in the paragraphs below.

List of the Best Spy Apps for Android and iPhone

There are several spy apps online, and you could find one for you whether your target uses an Android device or an iPhone. Below are some of the most excellent options you can get for either OS platform.


mspy app

Starting the list with arguably the most famous spy app out there, we think mSpy allows you to conveniently spy on your spouse’s phone without leaving so much as a trail. It’s got enough features that enable you to trawl all your spouse’s device data so that you can get in on their “little secret” affair with the other person.

mSpy can track call logs, text messages, GPS locations, and social media profiles. The best part about the app is that it’s compatible with Android and iOS, so you don’t have to worry if the target uses either.



Another excellent spy app option is SpyBubble, which allows you to track a target device from any web browser in the world. It features the basics such as call and text tracking and advanced IM and GPS tracking. What’s more? You get over 25 other functions bundled in the package.

You can install it on the target device, whether it’s Android or an iPhone, and can always log in to your account from a web browser and see the culled data all on one dashboard.



If you prefer a spy app with a built-in screen recorder, XNSPY is the most suitable option on the market right now. It’s got a slew of features that allows you to comprehensively obtain the “how, when, and where” details of a cheating partner’s activities.

Furthermore, some of the features include a keylogger, which records the target device’s keyboard inputs. You’d also get the top ten websites visited on the phone in real-time. Overall, you can use the XNSPY app to find out if your spouse is cheating on you.


cocospy app

Another capable spy app is Cocospy, which you can use on any device running Android and iOS. It’s got nifty features such as geofencing, call, and text tracking. Of course, you can conveniently catch your boyfriend cheating with the app as well.

One standout feature you’d find on Cocospy is the quick installation process. It only takes a few minutes to sync the target device with a server once you’ve signed up on their website. Afterward, you’d start receiving steady data streams on the cheating spouse tracker.


spyera app

Spyera is every bit a powerful spy app to download for a thorough snoop in a cheater’s business. It’s even picked up awards and recognitions for its spy capabilities, so reputation is something Spyera has going for it.

It can track Android, iOS, and — get this — Windows OS devices! If you’ve got a macOS computer to spy as well, Spyera is your app. The app would track and monitor calls, texts, media, and just about every other data on the device and display them in an easy-to-read dashboard.

How to Choose the Best Spy App for Your Needs?

You must understand what you need from a spy app before paying for its services. This knowledge helps you gauge what to expect from certain vendors and how you can get the best value overall. Some criteria that could help you to pick the right spy app for your use case include:

  • Platform compatibility: This has to do with the OS the spy app supports. Go for a software solution that supports your target’s operating system.
  • Service framework: Put simply, service framework refers to whether the spy app is cloud or web-based. 
  • Payment structure: Defines if the spy app is free or paid. Paid spy apps are a better recommendation overall.

Final Thoughts

Tracking down a cheating partner is no mean feat. You could be up against a liar who tries to cover their steps as much as possible and keep you out. Luckily, spy apps are the perfect solution to help you gather as much information on your spouse to prove that they cheat.

The apps mentioned above are the best-of-the-best on the market right now, and signing up for any of them puts your best foot forward as you snoop on a cheating spouse.

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